About Us

In 2005, The Wayne E. Mitchell Center Inc. was inspired as a result of a tragedy.  The community organization is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and provides public assistance to the population of citizens who are disenfranchised, economically and socially, and have limited access to various services.

Assistance is provided in the form of workshops, seminars, educational programs, access to legal services, counseling and mentoring.

We rally to reduce racial profiling and wrongful deaths involving police misconduct. “Police Misconduct Provision” is a statute that prohibits officers to engage in unlawful practices that violates a person’s rights under the constitution of the United States.

Cee Cee Butler is the Executive Director of The Wayne E. Mitchell Center Inc. Her brother Wayne was killed by police misconduct in 2003, and since his death, she has become an advocate for social change.


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