Cee Cee Butler

Executive Director

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With over a decade of managing and helping families within the community, Ms. Butler offers a unique blend of leadership, vision, and knowledge. She has served on the Women's Commission of Gaston County, implemented the 'Dress for Success" program with the Salvation Army, Investigated child abuse and neglect cases in Mecklenburg County, nominated as advocate for the teen violence program at West Charlotte High, Implemented job fairs, consultant for cultural sensitivity, and sat on numerous committees working with violence prevention initiatives in the city. 


Ms. Butler graduated from school with an Associates degree in Police Science, and while working with the CMPD she was able to touch the lives of the families in her district, while taking intentional action to bring about change. 

As a change agent, Ms. Butler sees the problem that society has, and swiftly is taking action for substantial modification. The organization works to end systemic racism, and police misconduct, because she understands how others feel about racism in history, racism in the world today, and the effects that racism has on people we care about. 




Ms. Butler also holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix, and a Master's degree in Human Resource Management from Walden University.



One of my favorite quotes says "I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do" - Jana Stanfield


May GOD continue to bless us all.

Cee Cee Butler


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Dear Father God, Thank you for your grace, mercy, and favor. I thank you for this business that you have trusted me with, and I thank you for giving me the mind to continue to carry it through. I believe that you have me right where I am suppose to be at this time, and help me to not jump ahead, but wait patiently for you to direct my path. I know what it is like to have lost a love one to police misconduct, and I trust you GOD with all my heart, please use me in every way possible so that I can impact lives everywhere. GOD I love you, and it is in your son Jesus Christ name I pray AMEN!!! 

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