Executive Director

Dear Neighbors, Friends and Family,  


It is so very hard for us to imagine that the individuals that we look for to protect us, are the same individuals that is causing us harm. I believe that 95% of our police officers are decent and caring human beings. These officers have compassion, integrity, dignity, and self control in any situation that they come up against. The other 5% of officers abuse their authority at every chance they get. Understanding systemic racism and becoming a part of the solution to end it is essential.

When someone applies for the police academy, the applicant goes through a psychological exam, and has to have stable employment history, but this is not enough. When choosing the right applicant, the individual needs to have integrity, compassion, cultural sensitivity, self control, transparency, interpersonal skills, and empathy to name a few. If they do not have these skills, then they probably do not need to be hired. Every year when these officers go to the shooting range to be qualified with there service weapon, the same should apply with going to the academy and taking classes in cultural sensitivity and passing the test. This is only a few of the things that need to be addressed.  

For every man and women killed over time, if you look back you will see a pattern of the officer not having any of the latter characteristics. They did not practice self control, they did not communicate effectively, they could not think on there feet, and they seem not to have used much common sense. If you look at the George Floyd case, none of the officers seem to be able to stand up to the other one. All of them were scared to speak up, scared to do the right thing.  So I say to the community,  although there is progress, we still have a lot of work to do. We can never stop fighting for what we know to be right. And though we all seem to be affected, we cannot remain hushed in the light of evil. 

May God Continue To Bless Us All,

Cee Cee Butler

Dear Father God, Thank you for your grace, mercy, and favor. I thank you for this business that you have trusted me with, and I thank you for giving me the mind to continue to carry it through. I believe that you have me right where I am suppose to be at this time, and help me to not jump ahead, but wait patiently for you to direct my path. I know what it is like to have lost a love one to police misconduct, and I trust you GOD with all my heart, please use me in every way possible so that I can impact lives everywhere. GOD I love you, and it is in your son Jesus Christ name I pray AMEN!!! 

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