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McKenzie Caldwell, MPH, RDN, LDN

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Owner and Dietitian

Feed Your Zest Nutrition & Wellness, LLC

(704) 916-9329

Alexa Jervis

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Alexa Jervis, an advocate for mental health and physical disability, is a recent college graduate from the University of Georgia. She majored in Psychology and minored in Spanish. She holds a special interest in health, wellness, and nutrition and in each of these elements’ connection to mental health. Alexa has previously worked in the social work industry by providing support and assistance to the chronically ill. She will be working to get her certification as a licensed health and wellness coach in the near future.

Ashley Harris

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Ashley Harris is a scientist, poet, and nerd from Virginia. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Hispanic Culture and Literature and Chemistry with a minor in Creative Writing. Harris also has her Masters in Biomedical Sciences from Wake Forest School of Medicine. She is the author of If the hero of time was black, and is an active member in the Carolina African American Writers Collective. In addition, her work has been published in anthologies such as Black Comics Afrofuturism Anthology and For all the songs we sing. She has a passion in helping people from underrepresented communities achieving good health and wellbeing through nutrition and healthcare. 

Latojia Dawkins

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Latojia Dawkins is a Liberal Studies major at Johnson and Wales University-Charlotte. She is an entrepreneur, poet and speaker, with a passion for youth. She is also an AmeriCorps alumnus, which has helped to instill in her a love of community and desire to serve as a bridge in cultural resources, and personal development. Her hopes are to continue to develop her transgenerational communication coaching business, as well as develop a few of her other entrepreneurial ideas. Latojia hails from the wonderful city of Atlanta, GA, by way of Springfield, MA.

Alexandra Perreault

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My main goal in life is to always make sure I'm doing my part to help make this world a better place for everyone. I believe it is so important to use our voices and skills to advocate for important causes and to help others. I graduated college in 2018 with a BA in Communications and a minor in event management. My focus throughout the four years was on non-profit work because I have always dreamed of supporting a non-profit with their marketing and fundraising needs.

During my free time, I enjoy traveling, dancing, taking photos, and listening to music. I love being around people, which is one of the many reasons I work part-time as a waitress in addition to working full-time. Constantly meeting new people and hearing their stories continuously teaches me so much about life and this world.

I am extremely excited to officially be part of the team at The Wayne E. Mitchell Center Inc. I hope that my knowledge of marketing strategies, networking, and social media contributes to reaching and helping many people.

Souhail Arfaoui

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has a Master degree in Human Sciences, specializing in Education and Culture Development, at the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis.  A researcher and investigator in Social Science; a consultant at a consulting office; a researcher at the Middle East Democracy Project; and a writer at NEWS @ 24 (an online NEWS Educational Initiative of international organization CCLP Worldwide, which has special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC).

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